Diva…The Boutique Tea Blenders

  Diva are proud to be able to now offer our beautifully selected and handcrafted teas to all our cafe, office and retail customers. We have the following the teas available in a range of sizes. English Breakfast, Spicy Chai, Earl Grey, Pure Peppermint, Pure Green and Lemongrass & Ginger. See below of brew methods. […]

Diva: Commitment to Quality Coffee

At Diva Coffee we take pride in our high level of customer service as well as consistency in our product. We also LOVE to work closely with our clients in ensuring that they build their business and increase their coffee sales. To do this, we do a number of promotions with our stores to get […]

Diva Coffee Cart Hire

Diva coffee has launched some exciting coffee carts for hire. This is currently only offered in Sydney and gives you the chance to enjoy multi – award winning coffee at your corporate event, school fete, fair or where ever you’d like to see enjoy Diva Coffee.  Get over to the coffee hire page for more […]