At Diva Coffee we take pride in our high level of customer service as well as consistency in our product.

We also LOVE to work closely with our clients in ensuring that they build their business and increase their coffee sales. To do this, we do a number of promotions with our stores to get the message out in the local area that Diva is available and is being served by ‘Diva Qualified’ Baristas who always ensure that your coffee is as great as the previous.

We believe that success is derived from ensuring that each element of of the coffee production chain is nothing less than perfection. This is why we freshly roast our coffee IN HOUSE, EVERY DAY. We also go to great lengths of importing the HLF line of coffee machines from Italy that are the next generation in technology when it comes to coffee machines. These things have been tweaked many times by our Italian friends to ensure our coffee is pouring just the way we like. We then ensure our baristas are trained, putting them through a grueling (and enjoyable) training program. The 4 levels take over 10 hours for each barista to obtain.

We’re serious about our coffee, and we’d love to assist in growing you business and increasing your coffee sales. Find out more today!

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