Our Origins

We have a broad range of Single Origin coffees, which we monitor to ensure consistency. Our coffee is sourced through the Fair Trade sector as well as Rainforest Alliance. These beans are available as Single Origin, or as part of our award winning blends.

Nicaraguan Fair Trade

Our award winning specialty high grown favourite origin. This coffee has a medium body with full mouth feel. Lovely rounded flavours of nut, cocoa, apricot fruit. Great as an espresso and also works well with milk based coffees

Colombian Supremo

Extremely aromatic with delicate fruited flavours, this is a smooth and fresh tasting coffee. Light to medium body works well as a smooth milk based drink or as an espresso.

Also available as a fair trade origin.

Ethiopian Limu

This bean is lively and bright, highly fragrant and deeply full of rich flavours. Sweet berry fruits combine with flowery flavours pushing forward a floral Jasmine aroma. A fine single origin bean, or used for blending with refined intensity. Medium to high acidity and body.


 Guatemala is revered as one of the most flavourful and nuanced cups in the world. Huehuetenango from the north highlands can be exceptional and have distinct fruit flavours. Huehuetenango is by far the most rugged and remote area in Guatemala. Thanks to the dry, hot winds that blow into the mountains from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico, the region is protected from frost, allowing coffee to be cultivated up to 6,500 feet. Lively citrus acidity with chocolate tones, medium/light body.


 A natural estate processed coffee, with medium to soft body, a light acidity and residual sweetness. The Brazil is often used as a gentle base to coffee blends as it complements other coffees without overpowering them.

Papua New Guinea

PNG produces a premium bean, due to its high altitude, soil and climate all perfect for coffee growing. Plantation production and management systems are amongst the best in this country, producing a premium and consistently good product. Ideal as a straight origin cup or in quality espresso blends. Offering chocolate and malt, honey sweetness. A light to medium body with good acidity. You are sure to love our PNG single origin as much as we do!