Our Team

 Sydney Team

Jim Storey (Co-Owner)

Jim began in the coffee industry over 10 years ago with his own business and since then has never looked back. Falling in love with all things coffee, Jim also brought a focus on providing quality coffee and service within the coffee industry. Jim has successfully grown Diva Coffee into a national enterprise with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Jim calls it ‘quality control’ but can often be seen with 3 espressos on his desk each morning.

Jen Storey 

Jen ensures the Diva HQ is a smooth running hive of caffeine fueled activity. She brings not only her corporate experience to the role of Queen Diva, but takes quality control and a passion for excellence to new heights.

Glen (Technical Manager)

Glen brings over 25 years of experience in logistics and technical support to Diva Coffee. Glen helps ensure that our customers are fully supported throughout Australia. He is very thorough in ensuring that Diva Coffee’s technical knowledge is up to date. Glen, like the rest of us has a passion for great coffee and knows that to make the best coffee, everything has to be perfect. Glen tests each and every coffee machine meticulously before sending them out to you and also makes frequent follow up calls to make sure your machine is running at its best.

The Amazing Admin Team

We have a team dedicated to ensuring your orders are filled on time, every time.  Often “the voice of Diva”, you will be more than likely to speak to one of our Admin Team when you first phone Diva HQ.


Melbourne Team

Dan Ryan (Co-owner)

Dan brings a wealth of experience to Diva having been extensively involved in every stretch of the coffee industry before joining us. Dan has run and owned a number of successful cafes and restaurants throughout Melbourne where he honed his skills not only behind the coffee machine but also fine tuning how to best operate his establishments from increasing profits and managing staff for best results. Dan’s expertise now lies in assisting businesses capitalise on their investment on the coffee side of things and can assist you in getting the most out of the coffee side of your business.

Brisbane Team

Tracy Sheen (Franchise Owner QLD)

With a strong community focus, fiery red hair and a personality that would make her Celtic heritage proud, Tracy makes things happen. Tracy has been a coffee snob since she was 4 when an older brother thought it would be fun to give her a cappuccino, a love affair with coffee was born that see’s her walking out of cafe’s to this day if they don’t meet her exacting standards. Whether it’s managing the roll out of a multi-machine install or keeping stock rolling you will find Tracy at Diva Coffee QLD HQ each day combining her expertise in project management and a genuine desire to give all her customers the best possible coffee experience to make sure the QLD coffee family are well taken care of.

Peter Fraser (QLD Operations- AKA the Coffee Whisperer)

Peter combines years of experiencing the best and worst Coffee’s this country has to offer with engineering qualifications and a genuine desire for every Diva customer to have the perfect cup of coffee. Dubbed the Coffee Whisperer he has gained a reputation for being able to quietly make our machines do some quite amazing things. You’ll find him most weekends exploring the latest in coffee making techniques, or in the workshop experimenting with some small modification that will give just that bit extra to his special coffee customers.